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Goblins of Elderstone brings a unique and chaotic twist to the city-building genre. It is more than just a city builder - it’s a Goblin Tribe Simulator! In Goblins of Elderstone, you will nurture your tiny clan as it grows to become an awe-inspiring tribe, capable of standing against the other races and, perhaps, even the gods. Rule over the chaos and feed the growing goblin war machine by raiding dungeons and villages.

The gameplay is inspired by the Anno games, Banished, Stonehearth, Rimworld, and the Settlers series, but it is still very much its own legend. We love goblins, and believe that they are underrepresented in games. They deserve a city builder of their own! We have so many great ideas to add to the genre, and we would love to share the experience with you during Early Access. We hope you agree that goblins are awesome and don't always have to be the villains - unless, of course, you want them to be!

~ from the Steam store page

Early access: 2018 January 9 · Full release: TBD